Orthodontic Treatment


Our office is equipped with a modern panoramic, temporo-mandibular-joint and cephalometric x-ray unit to aid in diagnoses. Our philosophy is to understand our patient’s needs, then to examine and diagnose their condition, and finally to employ the best equipment to achieve results. Dr. A. Suzuki has served as an orthodontist for more than twenty years in this practice.  We use fully bonded appliances, so the braces we apply are simple and gentle. Bonded appliances are more comfortable to wear, more hygienic, and give you a more attractive smile.  

Our goals are to properly align permanent teeth and to put the upper and lower arches in harmony with each other and with the muscles of the face, jaw and neck.

For the convenience of our patients all treatment is by appointment.  We will happily demonstrate any of our systems to anyone who might be interested.